Inspections for Used Cranes allover in Europe - German Engineers

Inspections for Used Cranes allover in Europe - German Engineers

Technical inspection / appraisal of condition of mobile cranes

Our service is inspection of condition and state of used mobile cranes. Mevas works in almost all European countries, the U.A.E. and in parts of USA and Australia. Our technicians analyze the condition, list defects, make meaningful images and check the documents. Tose websites here are dedicated to order and pay for the service.

Experts in used mobile cranes, cable cranes, lattice boom cranes, harbor cranes, mobile cranes and container handlers. More details about crane inspections in a short video.

Crane inspections in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Holland, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Turkey, Italy, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Luxembourg and many other countries.

Before you order talk to us for an offer and more details please. You can call or visit our special websites with more info.

  1. office +49 35206 39150   Whatsapp +49176-21858608
  2. German Website:
  3. International Website:

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