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Price for books and inspections without additional tax

Mevas Crane Inspection Services

Have the crane you want to buy checked in advance by an independent MEVAS technician. This will cost you less than repairing a leaking lifting cylinder. We provide you with a detailed condition report and comprehensive photo documentation. A function test is included. 

Service availability through our network

Mevas has a network of crane inspection engineers in more than 20 countries in Europe. To date, we have inspected more than 200 mobile cranes, including ATT, crawler cranes, truck cranes and road cranes. We have experience with cranes of various brands such as Tadano-Faun, Liebherr, Terex-Demag, Grove, Locatelli, PPT, Kato, Kobelco, Krupp, Gottwald and other brands. Tower cranes from Liebherr or Potain can also be inspected.

How we deliver inspection reports

After a crane inspection, the technician sends all the pictures, the video and the report to the main office. There, a check is made by another crane expert. All photos are compared with the crane inspection report. After the review, the files are uploaded to a cloud folder. We share a link with the client.

The information about the crane is only shared with the customer. The seller only receives a copy of the report if the buyer agrees to it. And we do not talk to anyone about the inspection result.

Here you can order the inspection of a used construction machine. Before ordering, you should have been in contact with us so that we can send you the correct link to pay. More info and contact details you can find at

Who can inspect used cranes anywhere in the world? See a video about international crane inspection services by Mevas.



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Used Equipment Inspection in Europe Used Equipment Inspection in Europe
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Price for books and inspections without additional tax
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