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Check used excavators, wheel loaders and pavers before purchase

You would like to buy second-hand construction machinery in Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Dubai or Shanghai? But you don't know the seller? You are unsure whether the stated condition corresponds to reality? No problem - we have qualified experts on site who inspect the used machine for you in detail using a standardised procedure. In the process, we carry out a visual inspection of all components in which we look for repairs, defects and signs of wear. The second part of the inspection is the functional test, during which we move the machine and check for exhaust emissions, abnormal noises, the running gear/track drive and much more.

You will receive detailed documentation from us and a video on request. To give you an insight into our service, we will gladly send you a sample report.

Qualification of MEVAS construction machinery appraisals

Our core competence lies in the technical analysis of the condition of construction machinery. We are not motor vehicle experts who also assess construction machinery, but have specialised in the assessment of construction machinery and construction vehicles. We know the weak points of the machines and regularly undergo further training. MEVAS Baumaschinengutachten has been certifying the condition of used machinery for customers from all over the world since 2006. We work for companies in the construction and mining industry such as Arcelor Mining, Caterpillar Financial, Zeppelin Baumaschinen and several more.

Our service

  • Inspection of used construction equipment (wheel loaders, track loaders, excavators of all sizes, backhoe loaders, dozers)
  • Condition analysis of road construction technology (graders, soil stabilisers and asphalt pavers)
  • Inspection of used concrete technology (mixing vehicles, concrete pumps, concrete pavers and silo placing machines)
  • Inspection of used lifting technology (heavy-duty forklifts, reach stackers and telescopic loaders)

Independent, rapid appraisal by experts

If you want to buy a second-hand machine but cannot inspect it yourself in advance, there are two options: You trust the seller and buy without an inspection or you send an external technician. Often it turns out on site that the offered machine does not meet the expectation. To avoid this, the inspection company Mevas was founded. Our inspectors are available in many countries and can be on site at short notice to inspect machines. Contact MEVAS before you buy a machine and avoid hidden surprises.

More info is available here.

Before ordering, please call us with machine details and location on +49 35206 39150 or send an inquiry.

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ET-Download for CAT and Volvo equipment, MB trucks ET-Download for CAT and Volvo equipment, MB trucks
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Price for books and inspections without additional tax
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